Coral + Island Dry Jr

MRP $24.99

Coral Mask

  • 1-window tempered glass lens for maximum visibility
  • 3-Way adjust Pro-Glide buckles for easy adjustments

Island Dry Jr Snorkel

  • Submersible dry top snorkel with Pivot-Dry Technology
  • Contoured barrel is ergonomically shaped for youth and small adults
  • One way purge valve for easy clearing

Snorkeling Combos

U.S. Divers snorkeling combos combine the best mask and snorkel with the most advanced technologies available. Create unforgettable memories exploring the underwater life on your next vacation. You'll even be surprised at the amazing sea life you'll find at your local beach! If you're looking to buy a snorkeling mask and snorkel combination, our retail partners can be found on each product page.